Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Not Doric but Yorkshire Dialect, Laikin = Playing.
Well Yorkshire is where I come frae.
I would like to share with you my day of Laikin.

At school today, our session of teaching the local children (not just from the Broch -Fraserburgh -but from Latvia and Poland) how to make catties tails/French knitting. In the next door classroom with older children, proper knitting with needles, our Knitting Nancies then adjourned to Isobel's studio in Pitullie, which is a few miles north of the Broch and right next the sea.

This was for a session on Papercraft where we were the pupils.

We had home made soup - Broth with Mealie Jimmie (white pudding) or Lentil with Bacon, for lunch. (I'll tell you about Mealie Jimmie in another post.)
Then on with our lessons.

These are strings of hearts. Just look at the pride on this bairn's face.

Isobel, with her back to the sea, prepares for the next lesson. In the middle of the table is an Angel/Christmas Tree. You may have to hit on the picture to see it properly, but this is made from a paperback book, pages folded under instruction and then you have this stand alone tree - or angel. Add wings for the Angel, and probably a head.

Cutting out. These are to be the turrets of the Fairy Castle.

Here's one I made earlier, well actually she whipped this one up while we sat around mouths
agape. Tis a Fairy Castle, cardboard tubes, tissue paper, card and later silver spray.

A Butterfly.
Green Hearts and a tin of Quality Street. Starter and Pudding in a tin!

Making a gift box from a Christmas card.

The view out of the window.

My three gift boxes that I made from Christmas Cards. "To Ethel and all the family" to be covered in tissue paper.

By gum I havent had so much fun since I was at primary school. Laikin.


A Trifle Rushed said...

You all look like your having a wonderful time, lucky children to have so many super 'Nancies' :-)

BadPenny said...

I love those gift boxes !