Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Today's art class.

Our morning was spent on us being given a lesson on artists who have used pen and ink.
Paul Klee, among them.
More Paul Klee.
I have to be honest - he does not inspire me.

I do prefer a teensy bit of realism.

We were instructed to take our pen for a walk. Well my 'picture' ended up just like the doodles I do when hanging on the telephone listening to Nigel Kennedy on his violin whilst whichever customer care department decides to pick up the phone and speak human to human.

We did have a new pupil this morning though, which was quite exciting. At a guess I would say he was well into his nineties. Came in on a wheeled zimmer frame with carer in tow. She wasnt much help as she was obviously working part time for a customer care department as her mobile phone went off every three minutes which rather interrupted our tutor encouraging us to take the pen for a walk and what to do with it along the way.

At the end of the session the carer asked our newbe "Shall we put this up on your wall then deary?"

How she got out of their alive with the rest of the 'students' shooting daggers at her I shall never know.


Anonymous said...

Pity you couldn't take carer "for a walk"..... outside :)
As for your previous post - it seems from the piccies you are very good at knitting and painting - and it may not have been a bright snow scene but your horizon is straight!

BadPenny said...

How irritating !