Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Back to normality.

If the cap fits....

Even if you are not impressed.

All knitting and sewing projects delivered whilst in Edinburgh. So on with another.

Larger sized duffel coat. As Second Grandson came out fitting 3 month old clothes I have had to start again!

My calf muscles are just getting back to normality after trekking up tenement buildings' stairs in Edinburgh.

The morning was spent at school in Fraserburgh continuing with new groups of children knitting Catties Tales.

The kids have so taken to this I am to produce an instruction leaflet for them to take home so that they can continue. The ones they are making at school are to be part of a display and they are all desperate to carry on. Even the s-l-o-w l-e-a-r-n-e-r-s who say, "This is too difficult for me." And then realise that it isnt! (Although I still struggle.)

And I am back down the shed in the afternoon.

Tomorrow's art class is to be snow studies.

I was in the library yesterday and found a book, 'Painting Snow and Water'. I did a jig! This afternoon I practised what the book preached and got quite excited. There is one of the other 'students' who definitely looks down her proboscis at me so I am hoping to not show up as such a raw beginner. My mantra is burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Yaaaa.

And finally. This weeks lilies. On our trip to Edinburgh we managed a trip to IKEA. (Probably our nearest.) Along with masses of t lights we bought this beautiful glass vase.

A post script. My favourite sea bird - the Gannet. Blue sky, beautiful bird, and only a few days ago.
Spirits lifted? Hope so.


Lynn said...

A mantra of "burnt umber, ultramarine off" should do the trick nicely to snooty student :)

A Trifle Rushed said...

Gosh, your so busy! The hat looks so delightful, what a handsome fellow!

Annie said...

Gorgeous Grandson, beautiful vase, and thanks for the sunshine ... much needed here today :D