Thursday, 10 November 2011

Farewell from the Knitting Nancies.

Virginia Mayes Wright. Director of the Scottish Lighthouse Museum.

Presented with a Scottish Quaich (cup for drinking whisky out of) and a knitted (of course) lighthouse. The lighthouse sits cleverly on top of the quaich. An improvement on those knitted dolls covering loo rolls.

Due to the cut backs the Lighthouse Museum is closed, for the first time ever since its creation, until next April. Virginia could have stayed rattling round in there, but who in their right mind would do that?

Sadly the museum has now lost one of the best promoters of tourism in the North East of Scotland.

Sticking with the lighthouse theme, Virginia is to take up a new post at the Grace Darling Museum in Northumberland.

Our merry band of volunteers bade our farewell over lunch.

With most of those present speaking Doric, and the waitresses, we had a few 'sticky' moments. Particularly the one waitress who wandered forlornly about asking, "Hale not Hafe?" Well thats what it sounded like. Eventually Virginia got her whole sticky toffee pudding. Apparently if you order sticky toffee pudding you can have a whole one, or a half one.... Tis a mine field I kid you not.
Last night was my night out at the Rotary. Tonight is The Dawn Patroller's Photographic Society weekly meeting. He swears he is the youngest member!

But I have to say retirement has been such fun. The latest is I have been invited to join in on reading the local newspaper for people who are blind. Now, come on, are they going to be able to understand this quinie?*

*Girl - at some stage you become a wifey. I insist I am not there yet.

"Aye aye, ah'l see ye the morn"


Lynn said...

Ooohh I spent a very happy afternoon in the Grace Darling Museum last year. I don't really get the knitted lighthouse thingy sorry! Are you supposed to sneak away your wee dram and look all innocent and sober when someone is coming? Love the way you compare it to the loo roll holder!! Shall I cover my glass of wine with the new beanie hat I knitted, when Steve gets home?!!

Jill said...

You can cover your wine with whatever you want! Is that the glass or the bottle? See - you need a lighthouse cover for the bottle!

BadPenny said...

Ha I remember those ( awful ) loo roll holders ! We had one which would probably be worth a fortune now !

You sound very busy !