Saturday, 26 November 2011


Why do I start these things? When they just end up swamping me? Transformation of a cupboard.

Now - see the cupboard door to the rear? Well, that is actually the door to a sauna. I kid you not. It is an infra red sauna in our bedroom. With built in sound system. Neither Sauna or sound system have we used. I am scared stiff of the damn thing. So I use it as a cupboard, one of those things you throw stuff into.... At the moment it holds a pair of spare curtains. Cushions. My painting gear, that is decorating, not water colours. Knitting wools and needles. Christmas decs. Some Christmas presents. Cards, cards to cut up for labels. Laundry basket. Transformation overdue.

Meanwhile the Dawn Patroller had gone off to Peterhead. The joiner is due Monday to transform our internal doors into far more tasteful efforts, which have laid in the dining room for some weeks. We were short of handles for said doors, so off he went. Not one to waste a photographic opportunity he was down at the harbour. There was the Scotia W. To which he was invited on board to have a look.

Scotia W is an 80ft wooden-hulled luxury cruise vessel that has an intriguing history. Here is her story.

Built in 1972 by Richard Irvine and Sons of Peterhead, she sailed in the North Sea fishing fleet as the Fraserburgh-registered Achieve (FR100). For the next 30 years she rode the waves of the North Sea bringing home a precious cargo of white fish that was destined for the dinner plate.

In 2002, the vessel’s original owners transferred her fishing quota rights to a newer boat, bringing the Achieve’s successful fishing career to an end. Coinciding with the reduction in size of the Scottish fishing fleet, this could have been the end of this boat’s story. However, the potential of this beautiful vessel was spotted by former North Sea fisherman Alex Wood. He had the vision of creating a vessel that could offer luxury cruise holidays around Scotland’s coast. Alex purchased the boat and set about planning her conversion into a luxury mini-cruise ship. It would be an all consuming project.

This is the dining area leading through to the lounge.

One of the bedrooms.

The DP has been a leading light in tourism in the North East for some years now. So Alex was eager to tap into any information or advice he could give. Note the pile of towels on the bunk bed. The DP told him that I would have thrown my hands up in horror. You are just encouraging guests to throw wet towels onto beds....... aaaargh. Towels should be on towel rails.

I really dont know why we havent transformed into becoming consultants to the tourism industry. And get paid for it....

And finally - a wave turbine waiting to be installed to transform power from the waves.

Once the joiner changes the doors. Our downsized house will be ready for a transformation into a Christmas Extravaganza. Well thats the plan.


Mum said...

Your cupboard sounds like one of my cupboards. I try and try to keep them tidy but they always end up full to overflowing. Hope the doors go to plan. Enjoy the Christmas decorating.
Love from Mum

Annie said...

I know exactly how you feel about the sauna (hang on, you have a sauna in your bedroom!!) ... as I was saying, I wouldn't trust it either.

Good luck with the Christmas thing, I hear it's soon ;D

BadPenny said...

I really enjoyed reading this. What a lovely boat. I like the reflection in the water. I never thought that about wet towels on beds !

A sauna ? I would use it as a store cupboard too !!!