Sunday, 23 July 2017

All is calm.

We have a rule in this house - visitors max time 2 nights.  

Imagine my horror when the last lot said they were enjoying themselves so much they were stopping another day.  It isnt just me and the cat but the DP who does everything preparing and cooking meals, once into three days he gets very, very, very tired of being host with the most.  Hey ho.  We survived.

Yesterday I walked.  First, a Blackening with a difference.  For some reason, probably a loo stop, the lorry on which all the females sit - and scream - parks up on the Esplanade.

The blonde with the floral headdress, I assume the bride to be, leapt off the lorry and led her entourage down the steps and into the sea.  Lovely.  A cleansing rather than a blackening.

Today was much more breezy and cool.

Not as many people so plenty Gulls.  Eating rubbish.  Orange peel?

Up the Path of Doom.  Masses of White Lipped Snails.  Every where one looked.

I doubt many walkers even notice them.  I get some funny looks when taking photographs of Hogweed !

A different way of walking the dog.

For some time now I have been struggling with breathing after the slightest exercise.  I can do the physio ones, no problem, well.....
Last night I had not enough energy to eat my dinner and went to bed.  Didnt even finish the wine. (Something serious there !)  Lying flat - fine -.  Woke at 8.30a.m. after going to bed at 7.20p.m. I am sure there were loo trips during the night but this isnt right.

So think of me in the morning as I do battle with the rottweiler receptionist . Must remember to have emergency inhalers to hand before I start   .


Regine Karpel said...


Mum said...

Good luck with the receptionist and remember that the wine you left can be added to the wine you have tonight!

crafty cat corner said...

Nothing worse than no energy, hope you get something sorted.

Chris Elliot said...

Take it easy, Jill. Rest is good. Is it mating time for the snails?