Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sunny Sunday.

Quite a breeze.  But that means there is more oxygen in the air.

The tide was well out.  Not many Gulls.

Lots more Harebells in bloom.

More White Lipped Snails.  From what I saw - but did not photograph - it is the breeding season.....

Still loads of 6 Spot Burnett Moths.

I had spent the morning doing lots of secretarial work for FASE4, the annual Art Exhibition.  I have also been successful in getting a Visiting Artist on board, Jane McMillan.


Although Sunny it was too breezy to do more potting on.   What a shame.  So I did some painting instead.


galant said...

Oh, lovely post, wonderful scenery and delightful artwork, too! And how lovely to see Burnett Moths (I'd not even heard of them before, so thank you for pointing them out to me.)
Margaret P

Chris Elliot said...

Jill, quick question. A friend took a photo of a bird while in the UK. It was about the size of a robin with a red breast but it appeared to have a blue head and back. Any ideas what it is?