Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Good Day.

Checking my emails.  I had one from the Blue Badge people.  I got my Blue Badge!  No quibble, no having to go be watched walking/staggering  up and down, to say I am gob smacked is well  -whew.  

When I first applied some years back I sat in front of two employees of the council who basically were filling in, or not, tick boxes.  I was refused.  So I appealed.  

The second time was in front of a Health Professional.  She stopped me after a few walkings up and down and said, "It is clear to me that you have breathing difficulties and I am recommending you are given the Blue Badge."  

So I was expecting to have to go through all that again.  Happy.  

Having a Blue Badge means I retain my independence.  I can park near to where I want to go.  I have space to get the chariot out of the car.  I do not need assistance.  Wonderful!

I didnt know this when I went for my walk.

I parked in one of the few disabled spaces on the Prom.  Dragged out the chariot which is put behind the passenger seat.  And walked.  I do about five steps before I grab onto the railings and do the controlled breathing and then set off again.  You get used to it.  It was warm today with a gentle breeze.

So I managed the .59 of a mile.  Up through the sand dunes.

6 Spot Burnett Moths.  A lot to be said from hanging onto railings and looking around while you get your breath back.

A Small Tortoiseshell.  A first for me.

There are quite a few regular walkers, cyclists and so on that I pass, or they pass on my walks.  Even the new ones, all nod and exchange a few words.  All good.  There are a few who have head down and no eye contact, but I still manage to speak to them and say "Hi."  You never know when they might want to speak back.  If they dont then fine.

The Poppy painting is finished.  Way out of my comfort zone.  

But I still thought I might try another flower.

Although there are some Gannets and Puffins calling my name.....


The Weaver of Grass said...

Pleased you got your badge Jill. I have just had mine renewed and like you they renewed it with no questions asked. It does make life so much easier doesn't it?

whiterose said...

hi jill

I paint mostly landscapes but for years i did flowers... just a suggestion for u to think about ... leave the background around the flower blank then the subject " the flower
will stand out" or what i have done I paint the whole flower then decide what to do with space around it...
I love your animals ... esp the gull gang and enjoy your daily reads, admire you
stamina to keep going.....
I live in Northern CA.. but Scotland is one my favorite places we visited few years ago... esp Isle of Skye.... want to go back ....