Friday, 7 July 2017


I am sitting here with a glass of wine.  It has rained almost all day.  I have not walked. There was no wind, no oxygen, so I have not done my exercises.

The DP's car is back with MOT. 

He was fitting my new light in the shedudio.  Lots of cursing.  It didnt work, well it did, but then tripped the fuse.  But he now knows how to fix it.

I entertained a visitor wanting to gain from my experiences of NEOS (North East Open Studios) which she is doing for the first time this year.  She should do well her paintings are excellent.  I thought I could talk but after two hours I was exhausted - from listening.

I am sitting here with a glass of wine.

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Mum said...

Cheers Jill. I'm just about to upload a post especially for you. Hope you like it.