Friday, 28 July 2017


The new Chariot.  Yet to be personalised.  A lime green hooter is on its way.  Not really road tested as the furthest I have been since its delivery is the shedudio.

I did go for an amble on Tuesday, the old chariots last outing with me.  We have now donated it to a bike recycling place who the DP said were totally thrilled to have it. I should have obeyed the Practise Nurse as it was indeed a step too far.  Just to the railings and back.....
Ha ha.  Which is what I did.  

Skurries (Herring Gulls.)

Lobster Boat.

This chap was not hurling rocks.  He was using them to exercise. Over the head and down and up.  

I have been unable to do any exercise this week.  Its a no from Physio when one has a chest infection.  So no walking and no exercises.  A lot of bed tho.......

When one has a chest infection with COPD then all ones energy goes into breathing.  So you stop eating as it is - well basically impossible so to do.  So I have to have these things so I don't waste away.

So - here I still am.  The garden has had a lot of gazing on.

I planted this Clematis  some years back.  This is the best show of blooms so far.  The wicker tower has been blown over so many time I thought I had lost it.  

I also planted the Day Lilies.  No more planting for me I just direct!

A small Tortoiseshell visited the shedudio and after taking the photo I managed to discourage it from coming inside and being trapped.

So - tomorrow.  I open the shedudio from 2-4 and on Sunday.  Everything is hung now.  Cards made. The DP has made a Chocolate cake and Biscuits.  He is going to be around so all I have to do it sit, welcome and talk.  The latter will tire me out.  But it will be fun!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope your open day goes well and that you soldier on getting a bit better with your new chariot.

Chris Elliot said...

Enjoy looking out on your colourful garden. Do you have a different view from the house and the shedudio?

Gail, northern California said...

Oh, how I wish I could tour your lovely studio tomorrow and meet you in person.

A Heron's View said...

You might read this

crafty cat corner said...

Good that you are on the mend. Being short of breath is no joke. Tom gets puffy when he does the stairs and its not nice to watch let alone suffer from it yourself.
Lets hope tomorrow goes well.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

As I type this you have about 4 minutes to official kick off time - fingers crossed that your visitors talk little and buy lots :) fingers crossed xx said...

I hope the day went well and that you weren't too tired at the end of it all? How wonderful to have someone to make chocolate cake! And hope too, that you are feeling as well as you can, that the chest infection wasn't too bad? I love tour shedudio, it looks so inviting, and your FB page... I am a lover of hares, have a small eclectic collection of them made from metal, wood, felted and so on, not to mention a large watercolour. I'm trawling through loads of blogs, looking for new, interesting ones to follow... and found you!
I've just restarted my own blog, if you fancy a look/
Meanwhile, take care.

galant said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. I have only recently been reading your blog, so I don't know the background to your illness (if indeed you have mentioned it previously) but do you know what has been the cause of your COPD?
Margaret P