Monday, 10 July 2017

All good.....

Weather wise beautiful.  No wind, not too hot, bit humid..... took a while for the lungs to get working.  But I did all my Pulmonary Physio exercises.

Quads = straighten knee.

Arm weights.

Also Step Ups.  Pole raises.  Sit to Stand.  Marching on the spot.

Is there any wonder I am not showing you any more pictures as looking at these few makes me tired out to think what I did.  I have to get to the breathless stage in all these exercises.  Some days it does not take a lot.....  I have to do them every other day.  

I also have the exercises for my back.  Every morning and every night, I have to lie flat, bend my knees and then move the knees from one side to the other 10 times.  

Then the other one which is a killer.

Lying flat , with your legs bent draw in the lower stomach and tilt the hips to roll the tail bone off.. oh I give up I can do it.  

In addition to a the above it is recommended I walk.  And as you all know I try.  Today I did the .59 of a mile.

Okay there are numerous stops.  I lean over the railings and control my breathing till it kicks in again.

And try to capture the moment.

So many of these moths today they were landing on me.  This yellow plant is the dreaded Ragwort.

This the thistle.

Also nice to see the white lipped snails are back.

This one appears to have a hitchhiker.

Later in the afternoon I signed up our new gardeners.  Who were up front, said when they would come, how often they would come and how much they would charge.  All fine.

During the day the DP has done a couple of half hour stints and removed more weeds than the previous gardeners did in 2 hours and without damaging anything.  Or making a mess.

Tomorrow I have compost, pots and my perennials to pot on.  All my sitting bit set out, compost, pots, labels within easy reach, everything to hand. All good.


Chris Elliot said...

Expecting to see more photos of your new and improved garden soon. Love the moths on the thistles!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

That dreaded ragwort is rather prolific at the moment - council cut backs???