Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday. Terrific.

Today is my 5th Grandchild's first birthday.

I think I contributed the pans.  Which have been put out of his reach as he was bashing the lids onto the wall between them and next door's flat!!!  And flinging his shopping basket by the look of this pic.  But thats what you do when you are one.

Although much cooler today it was still windless.  So I struggled with everything.  One has to breathe to perform most functions..... So the bath took quite a while.  I dont sit in the bath as I would never get out.  I perch on a shelf which spans the bath.  Not dignified.  But one gets clean.

Down to the prom and a very gloomy outlook.

Still warm but the breeze was cool and so I did the .59 of a mile.  

Spotted the first Harebell, in the Dunes, this year.

And a baby snail.  On the railings.  Probably should have moved it onto some greenery....

Gave myself a good talking to today.  Think positive and stop going down with the negatives.  So far seems to be working.  Terrific.


Terra Hangen said...

Your grandchild is having a ball, clanging things and making sounds is always fun. I let my children when they were little play with our old pots and pans and wooden spoons from time to time, and they enjoyed the noise.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

We saw our first Harebells a couple of days ago, they are so pretty with their nodding heads. Have yourself a fabulous Friday☺

galant said...

What a lovely photo of one-year-old grandchild! I had a similar 'kitchenette' as it was called in those days, one I think my late uncle bought 2nd hand as just after WW2 such toys were difficult to come by. It was painted in true 1930s colours of cream and green and had a row of canisters on the top shelf for things like sago and tapioca, things that a child today would not have even heard of. There was also a drawer with rolling pin, and a pull out shelf for pretend-rolling-out pastry, and a container for flour. I absolutely loved it and your grandchild will love this modern version, too.

I'm so sorry you don't have good health. I have arthritis (osteo) and I often give myself a good talking to, as well! I also can't use a bath and haven't done for over a decade - the last time I had a bath was in an hotel and it was a deep bath with rounded sides, but no handles. I attempted to get out but my hands, being wet, kept slipping off the sides and I felt myself sliding back into the water. It was quite frightening, in fact. I managed to grab a towel and put this over the side and so clawed my way out. Husband was in the next room, watching TV, so unless I'd screamed, he'd never have heard me asking for assistance. How dangerous some fancy baths are, not in the least practical, all style-over-substance. But now I can't get in and out of a bath because of my arthritis, I shower instead. Could you not have a shower fitted over your bath? Onward and upward, as they say!
Margaret P

crafty cat corner said...

Gave me a chuckle that picture of your Grandchild flinging that basket, lol
The colour of that harebell flower is amazing, so deep.
Tom hates airless days, he has breathing problems and it makes it a struggle.