Saturday, 29 July 2017


Today the sun shone.  All day.

The final hanging.  Now with my own hanging gear.

The D.P.'s Chocolate cake with secret ingredient. (Tabasco sauce.)

His Lemony biscuits.  

We were ready.  (Two people actually turned up at 12 and proudly announced they didnt do facebook and had been told about us opening the shedudio by their daughter.  I suggested politely that perhaps they should as we were not open til 2 p.m.  As they were on their way to shop they didn't mind and said they would return on their way home.)  (One time I would have just missed my lunch and left out the final tweakings, but the older I get I refuse to let people walk all over me.)

So at 2 p.m. I was sat down the shedudio playing about with feathers and gesso.  Classic FM in the background and the DP on standby.

From then on we were welcoming visitors, into double figures!

In fact there was an overspill onto the patio and no-one seemed to want to go.  Brilliant.

Then of course after everyone had gone (including the 2 returned from their shopping, ) and we were closed and were just beginning the clear up and we got another visitor!  He was given cake, we chatted, then I was on the point of collapse so as he is also a friend I suggested he come back tomorrow between 2 and 4 and he was fine, I think he was quite pleased to have had his weekend now fully booked!

Lets see what tomorrow brings.  I dont really care as today has been wonderful.

One of my new followers asked about my COPD.  Well its no secret that I was a lifelong smoker.  In 2009 I contracted swine flu.  And that was the beginning of COPD. I stopped smoking, after many failed tries, last year.  


Chris Elliot said...

Congratulations on a successful and well-planned show!

Sue in Suffolk said...

I hope people bought pictures as well as eating cake and biscuits - and how does he get those biscuits looking so good?!

Mum said...

Brilliant - what a day.