Wednesday, 5 July 2017


This morning I did my Pulmonary Physio exercises.  I have to do these every other day.

Sit to stand.

Only photo I could find.  I have to cross my arms across the bosoms and then stand and slowly sit down again.  I did it 10 times.  And got to 'I couldn't breathe.'  Number 4 on the Borg scale.  It was quite interesting to stop my chair, which is on wheels, shooting off backwards but I managed to open a drawer and wedge it against it so that didn't happen.

When I am supposed to be aiming for Number 3 which is moderate.  There are a total of 6 exercises which I wont bore you with.  I did them all and there were quite a lot of Borg number 4s which will hopefully come down as I get fitter.  

In the afternoon it being a nice weather day I went off for the walk.  

Never know whether to be happy about people using the beach for pleasure or not.  Their idea of pleasure isn't always mine.  Sending your kids and or dogs off to make the birds fly annoys me.  Doubt it does the birds too much as they do come back.  But when one is taking a photo - well it does annoy me.  

So I will lift mine eyes to the sea.

And the birds did come back.

Back on the home front.  Been a bit of a disaster.  Realised as I had the tax to do on the DP'S car that the MOT  was due - last month.  Its in the garage tomorrow anyway, so hoping they can sort that.  Apparently one doesn't get an MOT certificate anymore so it slipped my radar.  How stupid is that?  Or me?

My car insurance is due, which I knew about.  And the DP 's later this month.  Obviously for many reasons we need his car to be MOT'd.  Down to one car between us for a bit longer.  

My not lovely gardeners came this morning after threats and cut the grass.  Then left saying be back in the afternoon to do the weeding and haven't.

Also, after stringing me along for some time saying they would paint the wood bits on the three dormer windows, next week, next week,  now saying they can't do it.

Tired does not actually sum all this up.......

It can only get better.


Athene said...

Yep, I have MoT in the diary now, after twice discovering that I'd missed the date. I was absolutely horrified to find that I'd been driving it without a certificate. It's easily done.

Chris Elliot said...

How frustrating! I hate it when things don`t go my way and I can`t do anything about it.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The trials and tribulations of having a handicap Jill - I recognise them only too well. Admire your twenty sit to stands - I can only manage about six before I have had enough, but am working on it

kjsutcliffe artist said...

We've also been caught out by the lack of notification of the MOT and drove around for about a month before suddenly registering what we were doing!