Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wednesday working hard.

Sith cat woke us before 5 a.m.  The DP got up and fed him, then went for his Dawn Patrolling.  I then went back to sleep.

Tonight we are going to close all the curtains in all the rooms Sithcat goes into and hope he is fooled and does not wake us so early.

Some of the pics of why it is a good idea to get up and out at 5 a.m.

Did all my pulmonary physio exercises.  Yay.

After lunch - the walk.

Lots of people and dogs having fun.

But I had to do this.  The Path of Doom.  Lots of stops on the way.

This lovely chap has brought into Fraserburgh this bike so a person with disabilities can enjoy cycling.  Wonderful idea.

The Gull Gang still trying to do their wash and feather sorting and getting chased off.......

Back home.  I should say that although it was hot again today there was a lovely breeze which made everything bearable.  And I can still make a mess.

The DP set out my work space.  

I potted on 12 plants.  Still worried as the labels I put in do not seem to match what I can see.  Hey ho, all will be revealed as they grown even further.  The Delphiniums looked like grass?  Lots more to do but I ran out of labels and puff and my back was hurting.  Any excuse.

More working tomorrow.


Chris Elliot said...

Must have been warm on the beach to get so many people out!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

My mom asked me the other day to ID some seedlings the other day, we both stared for ages at the rows of little green plants, they looked NOTHING like what she'd written on the label. ......turns out if was a row of weeds and the seeds hadn't germinated!