Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday again.

The DP's car has warning lights on when something needs attention.  This time it is the brake pads.  Our garage, which we can see across the park (field) is very busy, so Thursday before he can do it.  Monday is shopping day.  I had an appointment with Pulmonary Physio at 1 p.m.  It was blowing a hooley so I wasnt too fussed about walking.  So we decided when I had finished at physio I would come home and he could then take my car and shop.

Pulmonary physio I have been doing on and off for some years now.  It took me a while to finish a course as I kept picking up chest infections.  In fact when I did finish the course I got a Well Done Card from the physio team!

Pulmonary physio is done in groups.  There is always some idiot who thinks they will battle on, its only a cold, and infects the members of the group who are susceptible to infections and they dont just have a cold they get a chest infection which could be fatal.  

So this time round I asked for a set of exercises I could do at home, I have all the equipment weights, ankle weights etc.  And that is what I now have.  I go back in 2 weeks to see how I am doing.  I am still doing the exercises for the spine.  I should be very fit soon.  Ha ha.


Labelling 2 out of 3 browsers holding mounted paintings.

A bit of painting.

Watching the birds.  The GSW is now developing the red tummy showing he/she is maturing, the red head will then disappear.  Red nape for male if he is he I think.

I then came up to the house and did battle with the form for renewing my Blue Badge which doesnt run out till September, but I know of old I am dealing with non medically trained council employees.....  If I had no use in my arms or legs I would be fine.  26% lung capacity and a broken spine , well its difficult to find a question which covers that.

SO - GOODNIGHT.  Tomorrow is another day.  Exercises and a walk is the plan. Better check the weather forecast.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Mondays have a habit of coming around, usually once weekly!

Terra Hangen said...

It sounds like you are taking care of a lot of business and being careful with your health, always a good idea of course.

Born and Bred. said...

Make sure your mechanic resets the warning lights otherwise you may have new brake pads fitted yet still have the warning light lit up. Modern cars!!!!!

Mum said...

I should think all this sorting out of the Shedudio covers all the exercises you need. Bending, moving, pushing, lifting. Enjoy your walk.