Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Possible blogging gap.

It was too hot to walk yesterday.  I got as far as the beach car park, which was full.  Managed to slip into a space that was just being vacated, but not a disabled spot, so was cream crackered by the time I had extricated the chariot, without hitting the car alongside.

This Grumpy old woman scanned the beach.  Then looked to see if there were any feathered beach walkers.

Only these two Back Headed Gulls skulking by the rocks on the far left.

It was way too hot for GOW.  So I came home.

Noticed the Cornflowers in the Bucket were flowering.  Which surprised me.  Desperate to come out of the bucket.  Hope I can rescue them so they continue living.

Now the gap in blogging.

We have visitors.  The DP's sister and her husband and - the dog.

Which chases cats.  Sith remembers a previous visit.

This is where he went when he heard the dog's nails on the stairs coming down this morning.

I am therefore spending most of the time they are here closing doors and being extra nice to a traumatised cat.  He and I are spending most of the time shut into our bedroom.  He can get in and out through the window and his food is on the window sill too.  As, if it is in its normal place, the dog eats it.  The owners of said dog would let it wander about, so I made it clear re doors being shut so never the twain should meet.  I dread to think what could happen to their dog should it get Sithcat cornered......

So methinks a gap on blogging in case I say what I shouldnt.


Gail, northern California said...

Oh dear, poor Sith.

Poor you.

A gap in blogging OK as long as you come roaring back. ;-)

Sue in Suffolk said...

How did Sith get all the way up there?
Hope you all survive the visit!

Tina said...

Umm, if I was them I'd have the dog on a lead at the very least, or stay in a caravan. Poor Sith. Xx

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Blogging gap completely understood - Sith and his grub take precedence to us! hope no fur flies and Sith (and you) come out unscathed !

Mum said...

'fraid I've been having blogging gaps lately. Have a good rest and hope all goes well on the cat and dog front.

BadPenny said...

Get those claws out Sith... it's YOUR home !

I was so hot & in pain from my bad hip the other day I nearly cried... then I heard a rumble of thunder & smiled. I went and stood in the rain raising my arms to the sky.