Monday, 30 January 2017

New Year resolutions - bit late in actioning.

Finally got round to make telephone calls from a list made on the 1st January.  As you do.

Chimney Sweep.  Been trying for two, possibly three, years to get him to come and sweep the flue and clean the cowl on the woodburner.  Spoke to someone who knows their stuff but is miles away and can't come, but at least he told me.  So it was back to the one who hasnt got back to me in two, possibly three years  "I will get Alan to phone you in the next few days......."

Double glazing firms.  We need a new front door, replacement pane in a window and trims or whatever they are called.  These are wood. So its either a painter goes up a ladder, comes down shakes his head, or just get them redone in upvc.

Then the hospital to tell them not to ask me to come mid February for the cataract pre -op.  Tried on numerous occasions but I couldnt be connected as they are very busy.  Obviously I am not......

Hearing Aid Hospital.  Do they still want me to come and be assessed - no.  As I am having no problems - no.  Well, just remembering to put the damn things in is sometimes a problem.

A joiner, recommended by a friend, to come and quote for lining the shedudio.  Hopefully that will make it a proper studio where I can hang paintings.  Promised to phone me next week.

I was totally exhausted.  Gone are the days when I was a high flyer spending all day on the phone and telling people what to do.  But then I had a bit of authority - and a title.  Not just Mrs.

So I was glad to be out on my walk after lunch.

It was sooooooooooooo cold.  The railings and I got together like old friends.  Damaged lungs do not work when it is that cold.  So a mere .59 of a mile once more.  Few steps - and breathe.

The boats were swinging from one side to another as well.  So quite a breeze.

Leaning starboard.

Still the Redshank.

And today some Turnstones.

Here is a painting of some Turnstones I have on the drawing board.

Also on the drawing board a frequent garden visitor - Sparrowhawk.

And finally. A finished painting of a Hobby.  This bird landed on a boat way out in the North Sea for a rest, and was photographed by a crew member who is also a keen birdwatcher.  So I had a happy late afternoon. 

Tonight the wind is blowing and will become stronger overnight and during the day tomorrow. Plus heavy rain.  So no walk.

I am way overdue visiting one of my best mates who also mounts and frames my paintings.  So tomorrow thats where I am heading.

This will be after sorting out my gardener who is to remove a bush at the side of our parking space, laughingly called a drive.  I and many visitors including our oil delivery man have visible scars of what this Berberis can do.  I dont care that there is an old nest or two in there.  Thats why that was another phone call this morning to get the damn thing gone -now - before any bird thinks of nesting.


Mike Chandler said...

It doesn't matter when Resolutions are done. They can't all be done on 1st Jan, there would be nothing left to do all year.

The Turnstone painting is looking good.

Lynn said...

I often wonder how I managed to work full time with all this type of a stuff to do. As for hospital stuff ~ chronic illness really is a full time job. Love the photos and paintings as usual.

BadPenny said...

I find making those kind of phone calls a chore. The only other calls I make are to my mother. Friends text - I wish we'd speak more.
Lovely little Turnstones x

Anonymous said...

Hi, from Nova Scotia. I have just discovered your blog and am planning to go back to the beginning and enjoy it slowly.

I don't have (I think) a google id so this may be anonymous. Anyway my new year resolution is not to be a lurker on blogs I enjoy.

Many thanks for taking the time and making the effort to write.

Anne Hill