Thursday, 26 January 2017


Well I have thanks to Hawthorn Spellweaver for the advice on hot water bottle onto back.  Bliss almost. Also The Weaver of Grass on keeping moving.  Advice taken and working.

Today I finally got going in the afternoon and had some retail therapy.  Looking for track suit bottoms, Te**o and smartish trousers and top A**a.  I then drove to the beach.

There were actually masses of sea birds but I had staggered out of the car, put on my wind proof/wet proof coat been bashed repeatedly by the car door, staggered up to the railings, hung on like grim death, took photos which all turned out to be blurred as I couldnt stand upright let alone hold a camera steady.  Managed two photos. Birds facing into the wind.  And

this Cormorant.  Sitting with its head under its wing having a rest and being dive bombed by Herring Gulls.  It eventually decided to go back into the foaming sea.

Returned to car.  (Dont know why I bother having hair done.)

Now more advice required.

After years of having cats many cats,  we are down to one.

This is Sith.

He is 13.  He gets very worried if the normal routine is altered.  Today is Thursday.  Which is the night the Dawn Patroller goes to the Fraserburgh Photographic Society meeting.   As the woodburner is lit and and the tele goes on Sith strolls into the sitting room and sits on the DP's lap.  But the DP is not there.  This happens every week.

I am trying to watch some of the stack of pre recorded New Tricks progs and I keep getting a claw into my arm, leg, aaargh.  I fuss, I stroke.  Any suggestions?


Athene said...

Can't help really - my cat will sit on anyone that moves, preferably a cat-hater if one happens to be visiting!

Could you try putting a favourite blanket in the DP's chair? Or a pile of clean washing? I'm afraid I can only come up with facetious responses because most of the cats I've owned have been so contrary. Sith is a very handsome chap, though.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have just read in today's Times that cats are every bit as clever as dog. I would havethought they were more clever. I guess your car is just craving attention. Glad the hot water bottle and walking are easing the back. I read in the Times earlier in the week an article by a doctor who said that staying in bed with a bad back is the worst thing possible for it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I should have identified myself in my "anonymous" post. I am not a promoter of Feliway but a cat lover and owner for 46 years.

I am Carol and live in West Lothian. The Feliway might help if Sith is feeling anxious; ff he is just protesting a change in routine, there is no remedy!

justjill said...

Dear Anonymous. Tonight the Dawn Patroller placed a woolly rug on his knee and Sith sat on the rug and did not needle the DP.. So next Thursday I will place the rug onto the arm of the settee and hope for the same.. until the DP comes home from the photographic society. x

Lyssa Medana said...

You can't do anything with a cat, in my experience. The expression in the picture is exactly the same as our old malevolent cat used to have and we never got her to be reasonable in @ nineteen years.

The blanket sounds like a good idea or you can try catnip, Sith gets catnip on Thursdays so that Sith's too drugged to be confused.

On a more serious note, I've never used Felliway because our cats were all violent, insane or both but I've heard good things about it and if Sith is nervous then it might be a good idea. Hope your back picks up soon. x