Thursday, 12 January 2017

Winter finally hits.

The wind whipping up the spray on the waves.

Why don't surfers get hypothermia?

I nearly did.

These photos were taken around noon  I had been to meet a friend for coffee at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses earlier.

This is a painting I did some time ago, the view from the table we were sitting at.

And there is me, an old photo, but thats the view the other way.  The painting was titled 'The Best Seat'.  The photo shows why as the table in the window is where we sat.  Either way a stunning view. 

Home for painting in the afternoon.

And it snowed.

Forecast is for even stronger winds tomorrow.  Roll on Spring.


The Weaver of Grass said...

The TV at six oclock showed horrendous pictures of places down the east coast. So far, here in the Yorkshire Dales, we have missed it, although some is forecast overnight and also very strong winds. But it is winter - and as you say = Spring can't come soon enough

e said...

Beautiful beach and paintings. Wishing you a good evening.