Sunday, 8 January 2017

A Busy Day.

A good day.  The weather is being exceedingly kind.  Very little wind, most unusual for this part of the North East of Scotland.

The Dunes grass is normally horizontal.

The Dawn Patroller left before dawn.  He went off to Grantown on Spey birding.  Have you seen his blog yet?  2017 My Birding Year.  Its on my bloglist.

I went for my walk.  It is important to exercise when one has COPD.  I have been on a number of Pulmonary Physio courses which were very enjoyable and successful apart from the other participants coming with chest infections, which spread and felled the rest of us.  So I prefer to walk.  I have all the weights and stuff but it upset the cat !  I dont know why but he was very concerned at my antics with a weight hanging off a walking stick and raising it above my head.  Or a weight round my ankle and lifting the leg.  And as for the dumbells being raised, up, to the side, and to the front.  He just kept trying to paw/claw  me.

You dont get the same views, when exercising, from the bedroom either.

I often paint Oystercatchers.

After lunch down to the shedudio and a different kind of birding.


This (sodding) Barn Owl.  It is a commission.  Fortunately from a very good friend.

Here in his camouflage gear.  Birdwatcher.  They get everywhere.  And photographer.  I have had three attempts at this owl.  And still not happy.  Could be a fourth.....

My granddaughter asked for a painting of a cheetah.  Lots of them in Fraserburgh...

I am experimenting with watercolour on canvas.  First you have to put ground on the canvas, away you go, make a total mess of its right eyebrow, hopefully correct it, varnish it and there you go.

Finally this beautiful cat.  Well it is in real life, not sure about the painting.

So my deciding to reduce the pile of work in progress did not work.  Hey ho.

Here is the sunset tonight taken as I returned from Lidl with a compensatory bottle of wine.

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Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Love the cheetah, keep on painting and walking both are good for the soul. .. and the lungs! ☺