Sunday, 22 January 2017

We will survive.

I will not be defeated by back ache.  I followed advice from the Weaver of Grass and others and ploughed on.  (I cant do links to other blogs - sorry.)  Nor will I go into graphic detail about which daily activity causes the most discomfort !

Today I managed .6 of a mile.  

As you can see there are a few more people on the beach - this being  Sunday.

So no birds.  People, children, and dogs = no birds.

But families kite flying and enjoying the beach can't be bad.

On my way home after the esplanade walk I had to stop as the Farmer has been muck spreading.  Healthy smell?  But that means lots of worms.  So most of the gull population was in the fields.

But they dont like cars stopping to take photos.  So above the fields.....

Buzzards also like worms.

And zoom off to join in the feast.

On the unwanted lodger front.  The DP found the hole and stuffed it.  This was in the garage which is attached to the house.  The hole is into a granite wall and has the central heating pipe and various electric wires going in.  Then into the cavity wall.  Stuffed now with all manner of things foil, etc.  It seems to have worked.  Fingers crossed.  But the decision has now been made (by me) that we totally declutter the garage.

So - the first thing was 19 bags of

After trying these in our woodburner we were disappointed.  They remained in the garage.  So we put it up on a freecycle group . Broch free or somesuch.   Well.  They went very quickly.  And I said so very quickly.  And then watched as people went to war.  I was gob smacked. 

I always say plz so plz don't comment on what I've said as I was taught to always say plz and TyAlso don't no if it you that's got them so plz don't comment on my comment that's being nasty and I am not. A nasty person


I ended up leaving the group.  Only way to stop it - me getting stressed anyway !

The bags of logs have gone.  We still have a garage stuffed with - well stuff.  There is a charitable organisation which upcycles stuff and there is a fair bit of stuff heading their way,  but there is still stuff I would freely give but am really not sure how to do this without releasing this holocaust of nastiness.

We will survive.

Chat conversation end

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad to hear that you are heeding my advice and doing some gentle walking - much better than giving in to it.