Monday, 2 January 2017

Onward into 2017.

My first walk of 2017 was today.  I watched this fishing boat rocking and rolling as it advanced towards the harbour.  So windy !  In my back as I set off and then it dawned on me it would be in my face as I returned - tired.  So I turned before the full 59 of a mile.  But I missed the rain.  Which has crashed down since.

This is an aerial pic of the Path of Doom that I hope to walk every day.  The red dot is where I turn and go back.

Yesterday was strong wind, rain snow, hail and bitterly cold...

A whole set of weather advances and warns me not to venture out on New Years Day.

Our meal on New Years Day was superb.  Cooked and prepared by the DP and for once I had a pud.  Well who could resist Cranachan?

As I was incarcerated inside yesterday I finally got started on setting up my shop on my facebook page Buchan Birds and Beasts.  I had not realised quite how many paintings I had.  With being ill most of 2016 I had not managed to exhibit or have my own studio open days as part of North East Open Studios (NEOS). 

It takes quite a while to put up one virtual shelf in the shop.  I managed 7 paintings yesterday.  So I better get on and fill the next 'shelf' with a selection of sea bird paintings.


Mum said...

Stay in the warm when it's awful weather - great views though.

justjill said...

Thanks Mum.