Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday and the mile challenge.

Did some spending today.

The DP noticed me hunched the other day.  My laptop is on the dressing table in our bedroom, so what else would I be sitting on but a dressing table stool?  Hunched he said.  So off to Argos and I now have proper chair with a curved supporting back.  Only problem is getting used to sitting down and not shooting off on those wheels.  So a) my back is supported.  But b) I could kill myself zooming off backwards and breaking my neck.

I went for my walk today.  .91 of a mile.  I have been promised a bottle of red wine if I crack the mile by a friend.  Whoooo.

Very strange views today.  A family wanging 3 sliced loaves and getting a feeding frenzy from the gulls.

I did think at one point he was offering up the child too.

The gulls soon settled down to sunbathing once the family had gone.

Well the DP seems to have sorted the rodent lodger.  Not a sound.  He has purchased some steel wool and that is to be stuffed in the hole.. Rats dont like it, tho I am now thinking it was a mouse as a rat could have got through what he first put in the hole. And could have got into the bird food stash too, stored in the garage.  Sigh of relief.

I leave you with a few photos taken from the Esplanade cafe - taken by a 'friend' who posted them on facebook.  Not the most glamorous granny am I ?

The mile tomorrow!

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely, cheery, bright orange coat though.