Friday, 6 January 2017

Making ready for Open Studio ?

The sort out continues. And a bit of cleaning !  

The huge chest of drawers I got for free via freecycle some years ago.  On top are some framed pictures which I cannot yet put in my 'shop' as framed pictures do not travel well. As there is glass involved which means careful packaging.   Also some mugs which I have had my original paintings put on to,  They do travel well as they are delivered to me with all the packaging.

The drawers themselves I have yet to delve into and sort.........

I have two browsers.  The one on the left has the paintings on the shop for sale with all their details.  (Facebook Buchan Birds and Beasts.)  The one on the right is yet to be sorted.  And as you can see there are a lot.

Bit of fun.

And more fun.

  Looks quite organised.  

The sunset tonight.

From the shedudio.

Earlier today I did my usual walk.  But !  I went further. I am now on .64 of a mile.  For someone with COPD and 26% lung function not toooooo bad.

More of the same tomorrow.


Chris Elliot said...

Well done on your increased walking distance. Love the sunset photos - keep them coming!

Susan Heather said...

Well done.

Stillwaterrunsdeep said...

I am loving your shedudio! Such a peaceful, creative space with lovely views! And kudos on the increased walking distance, you are an inspiration!

BadPenny said...

Love your Shedudio sign. Congrats on the walking x