Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mainly Redshanks.

Weather gone silly!  Just down the road from us they had snow, not forecast by either amateur (Windy Wilson who I follow on fb) nor the Met Office.  Here - glorious sunshine.

It being Sunday the beach and the esplanade were packed.  The Redshank were sunbathing.  Just look at the colours of the rocks.  Beautiful.

It was high tide.  So not much beach.

As you can see from this shot above where I am walking up the Path of Doom between the dunes.

Some of the Redshank went food hunting as the tide came in.

The Stone Sculptor is back.  I actually watched him doing another.  But by the time I saw him I was back in the car and the chariot packed away and it was beyond me to get out.  The strange thing was he placed a rock on top of another and just sat as if he was welding the rock to the other with his mind.  Something to look for tomorrow.

And finally just a wee bit more Redshank.  This is from a photo taken by the Dawn Patroller some time back.  It is called Shelter.

Dont you just love their red shanks.


Lynn said...

Hi Jill
Could I use your pic of flock of birds on 22 jan to practise drawing birds in flight?

justjill said...

Course you can. x

Chris Elliot said...

Is `redshanks` their formal name or a nickname. I`ve seen similar sculptures here - they are called Inukshuks and are usually look rather man shaped. Up north, in Inuit territory, they are supposed to mean `Ì have been here`.

justjill said...

Redshanks is their formal name in the bird books. Interesting about the sculptures. I really wish I had got my butt into gear and gone and talked to the man who was doing it It did look quite spiritual what he was doing.

The Weaver of Grass said...

If you post many more of these beautiful photographs I shall have to persuade the farmer to sell up and relocate to your part of the world. Itis so beautiful.