Friday, 27 January 2017

Technology = frustration.

Although bitterly cold I decided to do my walk and hopefully extend the distance from a mile.

As you can see a bleak day.

I walked the same as I had done on cracking the mile.

Both levels of the Esplanade. 

Up and down the Path of Doom. (So named as a while back I never thought I could get to the end .)

PLUS down the path to the beach

and back up it.

PLUS  down the board walk and back up that which is the other side of the burn (stream).  AND round the playground. 

Photographs of the birds are far better from beach level.

So I get back to the car and discover the b****y machine had "Lorst the GPS."  It had stopped at .99 of a mile.  I think thats when I had worked up a sweat and threw my woolly hat into the chariot, wherein I place my tablet set up to record the distance, and covered the damn thing up.....

So I came home.

And threw a bit of ink and watercolour around.

I will just have to do it all again.

Including this.

Happy Friday.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Will done you! Sod technology. .. you know you've walked it! Good bun ☺

The Weaver of Grass said...

I look forward to your photographs every day.