Saturday, 21 January 2017

Old age stinks.

I woke up this morning and as I got out of bed realised I had the most excruciating back pain.  Now I do have lung problems, but the rest of me seems to work ok.  So where this came from I know not.

Hey ho.  I was determined to go for my walk.  The DP was not happy with this.  But I did a shuffle.  Independence rules.

Whilst taking this photo I was doing some stretching exercises using the railings on the esplanade.  And also greeting these very large Newfoundland dogs.

I managed a few more steps.

And then gave up and came home.

We spend a fortune on bird food..  I went down the shedudio.  And was greeted by this lot.

Waiting to be fed.

And they were.   Even tho it was agony for me.

Bending, lifting, Jeez.

Hope its gone by tomorrow.  I want to crack the mile.  


Lyssa Medana said...

I love that picture you took of the sea - it's irridescent!

I hope your back feels better soon. It only takes a little thing to get it out of sorts. Sending hugs

Terra Hangen said...

Be well my friend. Unexpected pains are never welcome. You are reminding me to feed our birds.

rusty duck said...

Take it easy Jill.
I've had a robin perched on my study windowsill, undoubtedly reminding me that we haven't got round to filling the feeders since we got back.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Ditto re bird food but we get our reward by watching them all.

Nig Garden Bird Watch next weekend.

Sorry about the back. As a long-time sufferer my advice is keep going at all costs - resting it never does any good.

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Ouch - back ache - not nice:( there is a fine line between resting it and keeping going so you keep supple - take care