Monday, 16 January 2017

Hard to believe

That this is another Winters day.

With the added bonus of watching the professionals.

I did my walk but it took a lot longer !  They were incredible.

I did have a moments panic.  I thought my eyes were playing me up.

The white thing you can see in the sky to the left of the boat turned out to be a drone !  The chap controlling it was filming the surfers and could make it stay still  So my brain is thinking birds cannot do that - till it clicked!

I had a cataract op last year and now have 20/20 vision in that eye but am waiting for the other one to be done. ( And for anyone ready to tip off the DVLA I am okay for driving.  Indeed I have throughout been passed for driving.)  Its not an unpleasant operation - although I could have done without the blow by blow account from the consultant while it was going on.

Anyroads I finished another painting. 


The Weaver of Grass said...

As usual, lovely photographs of such a delightful area.

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

I was buzzed by a drone last December, despite it being illegal to being'observed' by them, by chance I had my camera on me so I started taking photos back, the drone soon zipped off. Bit later I was told that it was a Japanese TV crew learning how to work a done, being trained by a British company. So they knew they were doing an illegal manoeuvre! Sweet cat painting☺

e said...

Love the surfers and the cat and thanks for your appraisal of the cataract surgery. I'll need that eventually.

BadPenny said...

Pretty cats & cataracts. Mum had hers done last year & thought the surgeon brilliant. Mum made everyone in the waiting room laugh after the quietly spoken nurse " speak up...we're deaf as well as blind ! "

Take care xx

justjill said...

I wasnt allowed to speak! I had hold of a nurse and if I wanted them to stop - such as have a cough - I had to squeeze her hand and everything stopped. Fortunately I got through.