Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday the 13th.

Today was supposed to be the day the electricity was to be off from 9 a.m. til 4 p.m.   While 'essential repairs to overhead cables'  was carried out.  Well thank goodness that was cancelled - at the last minute  We had a telephone call late yesterday afternoon.  

The Dawn Patroller went out for the paper.  He never goes anywhere without his camera.

Over to the left of this last picture is where I walk !

We have had a fair bit of snow too.  The sun came out in between the blizzards and the snow went. From the dining room.  

From the sitting room.  That sky is 'a white out' - a blizzard on its way!

But it is now snowing - and freezing.  

I havent even been down to the shedudio.  I had so many clothes on I could hardly move but was still cold.  The wind was so strong I was scared to go out.

I decided to go through my filing system and prune it.  Along the way I found details of the electricity company we left in 2015.  No final invoice.  So I emailed them.  And guess what - they owe us.  Over a hundred quid.  I should have charged interest.  How can these companies get away with this.  

We recently changed again and guess what I also had to prompt the ones we left, also over a hundred quid.  Apparently their new accounting system has a gremlin in the refund department.  And how come in the middle of winter we are so much in credit?  So we poor pensioners have been paying way over the odds every month.  Our new company seem to have their sums right, but how do the others get it so wrong?  We are now paying half a month than in 2015.

Looking forward to SPRING.

But - not such a bad Friday the 13th of January.


BadPenny said...

Oh wow for the first photo x

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Wow the waves are incredible! The wins must be very strong to whip up the sea like that.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope all this tidal surge has missed you. Those photographs of the sea are certainly very impressive.

Chris Elliot said...

Amazing seascapes! The Dawn Patroller captured the weather perfectly. Hope you warm up soon.