Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oh woe.

A misty morning.

Hooded crow.

Herring Gull. Always have plenty to shout about.

Great Spotted Woodpecker. In our garden.

The plumber returned this morning and refitted the loo and the sink. He left with warnings not to be used till tea time . Letting the silicone set.

So I waited.

Only to find on the great reopening bathroom ceremony that the cistern was not refilling. Facing another night of stumbling upstairs I could have wept. It doesnt take much to get me tearful at the moment. I am at that stage in the illness of no pain but feeling like a wet lettuce with the same amount of muscles.

In came Superman from his walk. Surfed the internet and - fixed it. The plumber now has two messages on his answering machine. A wail from me and a "We've fixed it," from him.

I spent the morning shoving the vacuum round everywhere downstairs apart from the dining room. Then mopped. Then collapsed and admired.

The electrician turned up too and did enough drilling and sawing to make me think he had the whole dining room floor up. Possibly made all the noise to justify the price.... Once he had gone I looked at the floor and all that had been done was a six inch square(?) And the final price did come down dramatically. So we might have him back.

Now we await the patio door fitters. The council have given their permission. Only took two months not three. Then back comes the joiner to lay the laminate in the dining room and then I think we shall have a party.

When oh woe will become oh wheeeeee!

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