Thursday, 4 August 2011

Life goes on without me..

Well I did have a bit to do with this I knitted it! It is a baby cocoon and there is a hat been cast on to three needles. Been in a real learning curve with this. The cocoon was on a circular needle and the hat is to be using four needles. Have not used either before.

I still have the ends to sew in on the cocoon and the hat to complete and think I might just get the hat done this evening.

I had nothing to do with this. The carpet and underlay and gripper rods all taken up by Mike.
This is our dining room. In progress.

The carpet and underlay have been freecycled and are to be collected this evening.
The new laminate flooring arrives tomorrow and I just hope the joiner can be lured in to lay it in the newly decorated bedroom and the bathroom.
The dining room will have to wait until the patio door is fitted. We are still awaiting permission from the council. Just over two months now, so possibly another month to go......
But even a floor looking like this is easier to clean than a carpet.
Our Beast of Buchan cat brings his kills inside, along with a fair bit of veg to go with his meat, and even with his excellent surgical skills, neatly laid out tail, feet and gall bladder (hope you arent eating your tea) there is usually some of the red stuff. Hard floors are so much more hygienic when you have your home as an abbattoir albeit in miniature. Not only being sure you have vacced up any unwanted fleas a good mop of soap and water ensures all distasteful liquids are removed.
I hasten to add that the freecycled carpet has been in the dining room and the cats have been kept out, as have the humans come to that. It has only been used twice. Once for our house warming, when any sensible cat leaves home. And one dinner party. Again not a sign of a cat.
"Theyre on the wine - keep out of the way."

Rose Bay Willowherb looking almost respectable.

These pictures, I apologise, are the wrong way round. The one above is as the sun was rising.

The one below is before.

Both have the morning mist. Given the size of the bales I think they are hay. But the photographer is upstairs struggling with his video and not to be disturbed. So I cant ask.

Well this last picture sums up the way I have felt today.

We all have things that are not quite right with our bodies. Every so often we get a sharp reminder of the things not quite right. Some things are more serious than others. I have no-one but myself to blame for damaged lungs, ok getting swine flu didnt exactly help.

And we do feel a sadness that life goes on and will without us. But not yet! Oh no not yet.

In the reflection of my mirror over my work station I can see lots and lots of swallows swooping for their grub. When I no longer take pleasure in sights such as that thats when this creaking gate will have stopped and then life can go on without me. Just hope that I have said something to make everyone else laugh before I go.

Oh goodness Siths just brought in another corpse, does he want me to eat it???????????????


Lynn said...

Just think in days of olde they used to make people with chest complaints eat the odd mouse - give me a rub down with Vick (!!) and some antibiotics anyday.
The misty pic is very Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
Love the knitting.
You'll be back on yer feet in a day or two - chin up.
(And you always me laugh)

Jill said...

I just got a storecard and it says Expires end 05/16 - do they mean me?