Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Very trying, trying - very.

It doesnt help when you go to the doctor and he prescribes the super duper antibiotics,
"You'll be better in a week instead of two weeks!!"
And then spend all night throwing up.
My chest feels better, mainly because my stomach is taking precedence.
I have a new set of antibiotics but have to wait a while before taking them.
Theres a lot to be said for homeopathy.

Why are some sheep shorn and not others? Perhaps the shearers are working to rule.

A handsome young buck. Pictures taken by Mike on his dawn walk.

Latest scan of daughter number 3's baby, due December, which the scanner person says is 70% a girl. Not sure what the other 30% is.

Hope next bulletin on grandma is 'bounding around like a young deer.' But then I never did that before I was ill.


Lynn said...

For all the time I've known you you've bounded about, been young and a perfectly lovely dear!
Don't medics say odd stuff? I was told today I had done too much and then had not done enough but I was exhausted in consecutive sentences and then she laughed when she realised what she'd said :)
Lovely scan pic.

Anonymous said...

Jill - really sorry you've been unwell! I hope the next set of pills does the trick and you'll be feeling friskier again (if not exactly like a young buck). Your garden is looking beautiful. And thanks for the laugh about the "other 30%"!