Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A hunting we will go...

These pictures don't need words do they?!
No idea what he/she is catching, but Mike said there were lots.

I have to own up that many years ago I twice went hunting these beautiful creatures. Both times none were caught. At the time it was great fun and my horse loved every minute of it too. I was 14 and she was 3. We shared a life for two years and then exams came along and she moved on. And so did I.

Even though foxes probably took my hens and a few ducks I dont begrudge their space on the planet. My fault for not being more security conscious.

This morning I went to the Health Centre. I now have to see a doctor in the morning as 'they' want to check I am completely clear of infection. I went for my annual check on my lung function. Since being diagnosed with COPD I still havent had a check as every time I go for it I have or have just had a lung infection and they cant do the tests. This time the nurse has promised she will call me back in the Autumn. I am only ever ill in the Summer, how strange is that?

I am also to get some High Energy Juice drinks on prescription. I'll be running like a deer!

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Sheila Bury said...

I love these photographs. My best wishes Jill.