Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back - but my sense of humour is still missing.

Possibly the worst thing about being ill. Normally I can laugh or make a joke out of all manner of disasters. But with the onset of shivers and chills, weak muscles and no appetite I wave goodbye to the giggles.
But I can just about manage a smile. Bit wobbly round the edges. But a smile. Forced. But a smile.

Thursday Mike and youngest went to Loch Garten. Met a red squirrel.

Some years back daughter number three volunteered with the RSPB and spent a week here guarding the Ospreys. They survived. As did the Peregrine Falcons she guarded in Lincoln City, where she now lives.

Chloe survived her picnic.

Despite the cloud formation over the Cairngorms I dont think they got wet.

Despite tramping over country side a long way from here, Mike managed his dawn walk and was rewarded by these deer leaping through the barley. Why would you want to go to anywhere else when you can see these on your doorstep?

And this very odd looking sheep.

And a Llama. A Llama? Yep, apparently lives at the smallholding that has the peacocks. With a few Llama friends.

Yesterday they went to Craigievar Castle. West of Aberdeen and a National Trust for Scotland castle. This has been closed for some time while they take off the harling (outside coat) which was not allowing the building to breathe, and reapplying a new one which does.

Wellingtonia. One of many fine specimen trees.

Daughter eyeing up the new harling.

I am so glad I didnt/couldnt go. It was a lot of steps. No electric! No tea room! No way.

Apparently they lived there till the 1960s.

Now they must have had a sense of humour.


Making It Vintage said...

Hi Jill,

sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. Hope you start to pick up soon.

You live in a beautiful area, it must be fantastic to live so closely with nature, those leaping deer are amazing.


Lynn said...

Glad to see you back - I missed you.

Jill said...

Thanks for your good wishes. I keep saying I believe in fairies under my breath in the hope theyll do magic.....for me.