Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Take Aways.

When you cant cook or wont cook you have a take away. So as I can't get oot and aboot at the moment. The pictures are brought back!

A wren.

Pheasant on a post.

Woodpecker up a tree.

A trapped gnome. Know just how he feels.

Harvest has begun.

War of the Worlds with Richard Burton narrating is my all time favourite at Harvest time. Watching the combine harvester come over the hills with headlights on - as once they start they dont stop just because it gets dark - to the sound of War of the Worlds is awesome.

Mike and youngest daughter have been to Macduff Marine Aquarium today and the Alvah Bridge and Duff House at Banff. Lots more pictures for future blogs.

But for now - fish and chips for tea, a take away. Unfortunately I still have no appetite.......

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bellaboo said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for your lovely comment.I used Cuprinol shades 'Country Cream'.It may cost a bit more but it does cover very well. :0)