Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lets dig a hole..

and put all the weather forecasters in it.
Thats it I am never going to listen to them again. They said it would rain. Now I am not yet ready to return to going up the ladder. But being told its going to rain makes me feel better as that stops me from painting the sumerhouse roof, rather than my body being a wimp. But it hasnt rained. Its been lovely, sunny and warm. Gentle breeze. Couldnt even claim to be risking being blown off the roof.
So when this little chap appeared on our lawn, trying desperately to dig down, mainly as he was being pounced on by the Beast of Buchan, who we hauled off, hasnt spoken to us since, thats what gave me the diggin a hole idea.

Mike does not want moles in his lawn so he stamped about a bit, and it ran off in the direction of next door, over the road, they do have an even bigger lawn than us. We then let Sith out again to make sure it got the message, but he indicated that it had gone. After bounding around and looking under hedges we were given the disdainful glare.

A White Tailed Bumble Bee. Our latest task is to identify bees aroond and aboot. As they are becoming endangered. They never taught you identification of bees in the Brownies.

Or Moths.

I know what these are!!! Mallard and ducklings.

Mike walks past this drainage ditch often and always has a good look. But never anything there, till today. She must have had them well hidden till they grew a bit.

You are never alone.

Being watched by Mr and Mrs Bull. Nosy cow.

I was supposed to be part of a bag packing team for Rotary at ASDA today. Feeling very guilty as I had to give my apologies. Such a shame as I really enjoy it. One of my past jobs was working on a supermarket checkout, which I loved. And I became quite an ace at packing bags. It isnt quite the same from the other end of the checkout, I have to say. There isnt the trust you can do it for a start.

I always decline any charity bag packers although I still fling some money in the bucket. If I have any.

Thats the other problem, how many people carry cash these days?

So its embarrassment all round.

Charity workers who have never packed a bag in their life grabbing stuff and ramming firelighters in with the bread.

The old dear who goes into shock at watching her shopping stuffed into bags she wont be able to lift as theres too much in them - and she has no spare cash.

The chap with his tummy down to his knees smiling as the bags are packed with cans of beer and then waddling off with, "Ta, mate." and no donation into the bucket.

Come to think of it I am glad I couldnt go.

I feel even more guilty that I am actually going out this evening.

Memories flood back,

"If your too poorly to go to school then your too poorly for a party."

Should I dig the hole now?

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Lynn said...

If you felt too poorly to get up to diy mischief when the sun shone, you deserve a night out to cheer you up. Enjoy.