Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Being tourists.

When we were running our bed and breakfast we rarely had the time to visit the places we sent our guests to.
Fortunately some Visitor Attractions stay open all year round, so in the quieter months we could.
Macduff Marine Aquarium is one that remains open. Now we can go anywhere at any time, health permitting, so while I stayed home yesterday Mike and youngest daughter visited.



Wolf fish. I love these.

Rivers are always open too.

This is the Deveron. A Salmon River.

With it's pretty bridge.

There is a much larger, more modern bridge in Banff, where the river joins the sea. The larger bridge takes the traffic over the estuary from Macduff to Banff.

But this wee bridge remninds us of how life once was, with just room for a horse and cart.

Today they have planned to go to the Mountains. If the weather is bad - a distillery.

Alright for some.

I am actually thankful there is plenty for them to do while I stay home and, hopefully, rest my body into health again.

Then I can start being a tourist again of this beautiful place we live in. I dont like whisky anyway.
Pity we dont have vineyards.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they had beautiful weather for their day out - but I do hope you can join them soon. Lovely wee bridge!