Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Central Heating on in August?

Yep. Hope this isnt making my blog friends in Texas too cross. Such extremes of weather.

I know I am under the weather (HA HA!) But Mike agreed, and he was being quite active painting the landing. Remember we are eradicating the awful shiny pink wallpaper. So I switched the heating on. I then had the weirdest sensation of what seemed like every muscle in my body relaxing. Either that or I am hallucinating.

Not sure whether this Pied Wagtail is enjoying the weather and jumping for joy or avoiding rain drops. He is actually catching insects...

Before the deluge Mike got out for his dawn walk. And has been much better tempered having done so.

Presumably this unseasonal weather is causing the fungi to go berserk.

Although pretty expert on most flora and fauna these will remain where they are.

There was a terrible case recently up here where so called experts ate the wrong mushroom/toadstool and are now awaiting kidney transplants and are on dialysis.

We have once eaten mushrooms picked wild.

This was in Cumbria some years ago and after consulting every book we could find and they all said it was okay - we did pick them and they were indeed the best mushrooms I have ever tasted. But if experts can get it wrong? I'd rather leave it to Tesco. No, on second thoughts, make that Morrisons.

My other bit of central heating is coming from a glass of wine. A tad cheaper than the liquid gold which provides the houses central heating. And it tastes better too.

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