Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In every cloud......

Not easy to be ill, in bed, with cats around. This cartoon is so true!
I usually sleep with the window wide open. But it has been way too windy and rainy. So to prevent the Beast of Buchan scratting at the closed door I left it open and was 'entertained' throughout the night by hearing him crunching on at least two rodents. To add insult to injury the wind prevented the cat door clicking shut onto its magnet, so there was a constant whooooo. As if there was a demented owl in the kitchen. I had to get up to flip it shut.
I had to get up in the morning for a rest.

Mike is getting more and more grumpy at not being able to tramp the fields without getting soaked to the skin.
To get these pictures he had to drive....where he normally cycles.

The wreck at Cairnbulg has been there for a long time, so dont panic.

But, sometimes, with the rain and the wind, nature adds a cherry on top.

We had these amazing double rainbows.

Oh, just a p.s. I didnt have a nap this afternoon as the bed is covered with cats.

Exhausted after a nights hunting. Battling through the wind and the rain just to bring me sustenance. Hmm. Thinking positive - I should sleep better tonight!

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