Sunday, 14 August 2011

In every cloud there is a silver lining.....

Sunset last night.

Full Moon. We did look for meteors but with this big light - no chance.

More sunset.

Opposite the sunset. Silver linings.

When I went to see the doc with this latest bout of pleurisy he asked me if I had lost my appetite. The answer was Yes. Then I got to thinking.

I had pleurisy just over a year ago. No-one asked me if I had lost my appetite. Some weeks after that bout my family pressured me into telling the doctor about my loss of appetite and weight loss.

So I did.

Then commenced a whole round of tests over the following six months including the god awful endoscopy. Nothing was found. Apart from slightly raised white blood cells, to which I responded, well I have just had pleurisy and the response was, "Oh thats what that will be about then." Increase in white blood cells indicates the body is fighting an infection.

No one EVER said to me that loss of appetite was a symptom of pleurisy.

So the NHS has just paid out for me to have scans, blood tests galore, dished out various pills and potions (none of which I took after the first lot made me nauseous) had a session with a consultant -and been caused a lot of stress along the way -and could find nothing wrong at all.

Because I had had pleurisy and loss of appetite because of that. And not one person in the medical profession pointed that out until now.

The good news is that upon googling all this there was a recommendation to drink wine, "This stimulates the appetite."

Right then.

Cheers. Can you see the silver lining?!

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Anonymous said...

Well a recommendation to drink wine can't be all that much of a penance. Your moon- and sky-shots are breathtaking! I do hope that the plumbing (etc.) woes are turning into weees.