Sunday, 7 August 2011

We have to move!

Currently in the afternoon after taking my antibiotic I get into bed. And sleep. Why is it that day time sleeping has such vivid dreams? And that you wake up to get out of the dream and then go straight back into it?
This afternoon I was rudely awakened by the door bell.
And there is this old dear asking where the art gallery is.
Well, not this particular old dear but one very similar.

Swaying in the breeze I ran through art galleries that I know of. The only one possibly so termed and near here is just a spit away at Cairness House. But you have to book and be part of a large party for them to let you in.
Then theres Duff House at Banff.
"Too far for today, but we have had a nice drive out."

Is there a sign somewhere like the gypsies leave? This person who lives here knows everything?

Then there was the lorry driver who was lost. Fair dos. Satnav has a lot to answer for, and no it wasnt quite as bad as this! Not sure how this happened, must have been a strong nor easterly.


There was the sick child. Bang on the door, "Got anything to clear up sick with?"

Kitchen paper towel roll handed over, "Thanks mate".

You are probably thinking we live in a very remote uninhabited part of the world. And that we are the only house in miles. Well not quite.

From our house, apart from Cairness House, over the fields, we can see four other properties. So why us? Not that I do not begrudge helping my fellow man. Or woman. Or child.

Perhaps I should put up an information board. "You are here" with an arrow. Local art galleries and places of interest. Please help yourself to tissues, maps and post cards, honesty box below.


Mike went off to get the Sunday paper in the car this morning as the rain finally arrived.

He detoured around the harbour. Hard to believe that these boats brave the North Sea to bring us fish back. I love the names of the boats. When you compare these with the Pelagic fishing boats which are huge but still fish in the same sea, I have every respect for those who fish upon the sea.

And finally, here is one who fishes in the sea.

Worry not I am as well moored as the fishing boats.


Lynn said...

One day I shall knock your door and say, "OOhh I'm a bit lost, can you tell me the way to my caravan site, oh and do you have a tissue and a wee glass of wine, please?" LOL!

Gigi said...

Hi Jill,
What a beautiful part of the world you live in -- wish I was there right now and not in 'hot as the devil' Texas. I was in Scotland years ago - in August -- and I loved it! I didn't want to go home ;(. Maybe someday I can spend the entire summer in your lovely world. Oh, and I promise I wouldn't knock on your door ;).

Jill said...

You would both be most welcome!
When we ran a b&b just down the road we had many people from Gigi's part of the world. And they all loved it!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs just get better and better! An old dear, well not this particular one but very similar LOL :)