Friday, 12 August 2011

Every home should have one...

They used to in the olden days. A toilet in the dining room.
The plumber attempted to say he would return on Monday to refit.
One withering stare and he has promised to be back tomorrow.

But the floor is finished.

And we had an electrician arrive! Red carpet, quick.

The quote was a bit steep, so he is to move one plug socket that is in the way of where the patio door will be in the dining room. Not four. The others are in the upstairs bedrooms and not a necessity.

He also promised to come tomorrow. So another day of bashing and banging. I am totally exhausted but have done nothing.

Redshanks in a row.

Ma and Pa Pheasant bring their kids to our diner.

There were seven baby pheasants.

Who all flew over the fence and hid in the barley. Which really upset their Mum. She perched on the fence looking in all directions.

Back in my own bed tonight. Tho I have to trek upstairs for the nightly visit.

Cross your fingers that the plumber does return or it will be a Po under the bed.

Every home should have one - well they used to. And I still have, albeit with a plant in it.

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