Monday, 29 August 2011

'Er indoors.

Thats me indoors. Whilst Mike braves the elements. I continue to convalesce. (Thats my excuse - along with a list of others.) (I am so small I would get blown away.) (etc.)

Two Sandwich Terns and other waders. Wind is good for bird watching. The birds presumably feel safer on the ground. I know I do.

Still some people are daft being daft. I should point out here that I once was a surfer. But not so daft, I lived in Cornwall then.

Rock Pipit. Note him bracing himself against the wind.

Knot. Dont they look purposeful!

Anyway that's me at the moment. Indoors. With the heating on. The wind has just about slowed down, in the last hour. (Now 4.30p.m.) Regular readers of my blog and the previous one( will know of my hatred of the wind. The cats dont like it either and keep asking us to 'switch it off.'

At least I do not feel guilty sitting around and reading. Though I do wish I didnt speed read. I have just read Frogspawn and Floor Polish by Margaret Mackie in two hours.

She lived at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, a National Trust Property. Her husband was the Property Manager there. I am sure we would have visited it, but there have been so many! And there are no pictures in the book! So I am not sure. But we did have a lovely holiday in Norfolk. And as we are members of the National Trust so visiting is 'free' I am sure we would have gone there.

My brother's wife was a property manager at Saltram House near Plymouth. Also National Trust. I stayed with them for a few days - a most enjoyable experience - not just being with them but the whole National Trust back stairs experience.

Saltram House was used for filming Sense and Sensibility, the one with Emma Thompson in.

Also not feeling guilty at knitting during the day.

Cocoon for baby due December, daughter number 3. My first attempt with a circular needle. The cocoon and four double pointed needles for the hat. The next one I might get right! If you look closely the pattern on the cocoon is slightly different to the pattern on the hat. I know not how that happened. I seem to have got it right on my second attempt, work in progress.

This is just like the toadstool we did strange things around when I was in the Brownies!

I really enjoyed my time in the Brownies. But I was chucked out after 'christening' someone in the church font.


I think tomorrow I may venture outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the wind has been crazy today. Much calmer now though.

Love your baby cocoon and hat, so cute! Love the colours you chose too.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog, but there is no doubt in my mind that you have many talents that I don't. :)

Hugs, xxx