Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Color Purple

With apologies to Alice Walker.

It was the DP's idea.  After the failure of the Purple hair colour last time which was more of a blue rinse.  I AM NOT OLD.  He suggested I go for a deep Plum.

There was a lot of laughter in the hairdressers.  "Whatever next?"  To which I replied "Green."  and the hairdresser said, " NO!"

So here I am.

Another woman in having her roots done said "I see you at the beach.  I have wanted to meet you but I am on the beach and you are on the esplanade."  

Well, yes, the chariot doesnt do sand.  

She then went on to rant about the state of the beach and the esplanade and I pointed out that that was to do with the users leaving rubbish and that I did my bit at picking it up.  She then said that the Council were to blame and there should be more people on Community Work sorting it.  I pretended I was struggling to breathe as I get so tired of hearing this sort of rubbish. No pun intended.  She also had a rant about the mess the Dunes were in.  The Dunes are host to a lot of wildlife, you cannot have manicured Dunes and wildlife.  What planet was she on?

The Council do their best as do those on Community Orders but it is from the people who visit the beach and leave their rubbish that is the problem.  I actually see people purposefully stride to the bins, shove their litter in but not far enough and before they have got back to their car the wind has lifted it out of the bin and scattered the rubbish far and wide.  Then there are those who throw their poystyrene tray out of the car window with the odd chip in "For the Gulls...."

Anyway, (CALM DOWN DEAR), I said "Well from now on in we can wave at each other."  I might even wave a plastic bag at her.

Two hours to get the purple hair.  High blood pressure and a gnashing of teeth.  Worth it tho.


Anonymous said...

Looks great, I think it suits you.

Joan (Devon)

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Definitely worth it :)

And as for 'managing' the dunes - apart from litter, the dunes need to have as little interference as possible, they are such a fragile ecosystem.

Lynda said...

Your hair! I absolutely love it!!!! xx

Susan Heather said...

Love the hair colour - go girl !!!!

BadPenny said...

Wow ! You look amazing. I stuck my fingers in my ears when an elderly customer started telling me about his enlarged prostate !

crafty cat corner said...

This colour is a hit with me, you look brilliant and the glasses colour makes it all come together. As for the moaner, bet you couldn't wait to get out of there. lol

Born and Bred said...

In the close-up photo, you look absolutely bloody fabulous.

Gail, northern California said...

Wild child. ;-)

Lanniesmum said...

You look fabulous! I am determinedly blonde and got my first tatoo this year aged 67. I'm growing old disgracefully and I love it! Catriona

Sue in Suffolk said...

Brilliant. My hair won't do colours, tried pink once just didn't work,could hardly see it at all

galant said...

Love the hair! I have short grey hair which I have highlighted. Don't like long hair on older women, especially if it's allowed to be grey, wiry and straggly like the very epitome of a story-book witch. Short hair so good on we older women! Love the colour!!!
Margaret P