Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday - a day of rest.

Not for me!  Just remember if you were doing all these simple tasks you have to breathe through a straw, that is what having COPD is like.

Hair wash and body wash.  Having noted my pillow case was going purple I approached the hair wash with some trepidation.  Thankfully most of the colour has remained. On my hair and not down the plug hole.

I did all of the pulmonary physio exercises and exceeded previous levels before collapsing.

The DP was off on one of his all day bird watching jaunts.  So I made my own breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Toast, sandwich and soup, two boiled eggs and pate on a Ryvita.  Split into the three meals!

I also loaded the washing machine, and switched on that and the dishwasher.  And managed to fathom out the new tumble dryer, which helpfully has 'jeans' on the dial.  Impressed with myself and the dial.

This is Sithcat asking to be let in through the bedroom window.  The tumble dryer is by the back door wherein is his cat door.  He is convinced the tumble dryer is going to suck him in and kill him.  So will not pass.......

Then it was down to the beach.

It being Sunday surprisingly not many people on the beach, though the tide was on its way in.

Few of the Gull gang, juvenile Skurries (Herring Gulls).

Because of the jet skis.

Back home.  I did do a bit of painting, but rather more bird watching.

Our young Great Spotted Woodpecker is growing up and his/her colour is changing.  Will soon be able to see whether it is a he or a she.

If male there will be red at the back of the head, the rest will be black.  They all have a red tummy.  Which you can't see on any of these photos but it was there.

The DP returned quite late.  They had their bird watching jaunt and then went on to St Cyrus to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Hump Backed Whale .  With some success.

You can see the whale spouting/blowing.  

Hope some of you had a restful Sunday.


crafty cat corner said...

Our Sunday usually consists of getting up early to go to the car boot after that we are usually pooped for the rest of the
I admire that you do so much being breathless. My Mum had a similar complaint and it aint fun. lol

The Weaver of Grass said...

You do look as though you live in the most beautiful plac.e