Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Spending money.

Whilst on a jaunt to Lidl yesterday to see what they had done instore.  Made it bigger, brighter, more space for  chariot.  Still unsure how they did it.  Anyhows I park in the disabled spot in the front of Argos.  In front of me was a poster for a tumble dryer .  Now our tumble dryer is as old as my second daughter, which I think is 34.  It still works.  It is noisy and probably not very environmentally friendly.  I dare not have it on when we are out as it may spontaneously combust as apparently tumble dryers do.  But we use it for airing off towels so they dont take the top layer of skin off.  And I use it for most of my clothes as I hate ironing. And tumble drying means I dont have to do that so thats saving electric int it.  However apart from its dubious safety it also steams up the whole house and you cant hear the radio when its on.  So the poster is for this one that has one of those condensors, so no steam everywhere, saves on electricity (?) (how can something that uses electricity save on electricity?) is quiet etc.  So I check it out on line.  Seems good.  So we are buying one.  DP says it will fit in the car, for transporting, not using......rather than paying delivery charges. Until we are sure the new one works the old one will sit in the garage along with various lawn mowers and strimmers and then we will freecycle it.  Good all round.

This morning I woke to pain in the left hip area.  Now I could have took myself off to A&E but I took a paracetemol and seem to have survived so far.

Ignore it and it will go away.

But instead of satisfying my desperate need for a walk on the prom I carried on with my painting.

The addition of Gold Acrylic ink does not show so well on the photo.

Sowing your wild oats has yet to be finished and I am still thinking about it.  I also have my eyes on the Bronze Fennel in the garden.  Really enjoying this.

The other news of the day.  We finally had our wood burning stove flue cleaned.  I have been trying to get our old sweep back for 5 years!  Have now found another sweep.  He came today, was very professional, checked the installation, the CD alarm, the stuff he cleaned out, well its a wonder that hasnt gone up in flames along with the tumble dryer, and the cowl cleaned too.  I shall sleep easier tonight.

So money spent.  But not wasted.


Chris Elliot said...

Another busy day for you, Jill. Please don't change the turquoise wild oats - I love it just the way it is!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds as though you had an interesting day in spite of the hip.