Friday, 4 August 2017


Weather - rain and high winds.  Huh.  However..... no pain in the groin area.....  So goodness knows what that was.  I did my Pulmonary physio exercises and increased some of the times I did some of the exercises.  All good.

No walk on the prom due to the weather.  

Down to the shedudio in the afternoon this is what I did with the Bronze Fennel.  Very happy.

Then I had a third go at this baby Robin.  Pen and ink and watercolour.

He/she has to have his darker markings added.  We have the adult Robins returning to the garden and the babies darting about.  We also have lots of young tits, Coal, Great and Blue. Redpolls and Siskins.  Wonderful for us to know we are helping the wildlife.  Greenfinches are increasing.  Yellowhammers are back.  Wren, Blackbird, Starling, whooo.  Soon we will be having the Autumn Pink Footed Geese, the Whooper Swans back.

So to continue my views from the windows of Cherry Cottage.

In the front garden we have two Hydrangea bushes.  The one nearest is Pink.  The DP chucks coffee grounds at the one at the rear to ensure it stays Blue.  So far it has worked.

The sitting room window shows in the distance our nearest Stately Home, Cairness House.  Google it.  We used to be invited at New Year to view the Victorian Christmas Tree and have drinks and nibbles.  But the dog died and they went into perpetual mourning.  We did try to enliven them but it was not to be.

Our front wall, gate.  Across the lane is the well overgrown brambles which most of the farmers round here keep well trimmed.  But not ours.  Soon we will have the hordes of blackberry pickers collecting all the fruits.  While we are left with the thorny brambles scratching our cars. And others.

So suggestions please.  I would really like a pond.  A wildlife pond.  Any suggestions?


BadPenny said...

So many blackberries here. A pond would be lovely x

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like it just as it is.
Love the fennel picture - and the baby robin too.