Monday, 28 August 2017

I have had enough.

A warm and humid day weatherwise.  I really did not want to do anything.  But I did the Pulmonary Physio exercises.

The weights are strapped round my ankles and sitting I left the leg up then the other, hold for a bit then on to the next.  Then one of the leg weights is put round the walking stick and I lift.  The dumb bells are up, forward and either side.  I do sit to stand with arms crossed across my chest.  Marching, lifting legs up and swinging arms.  I do steps, up leading with right leg, then left.  In between each I collapse.  When it is all done I do not move for some considerable time.  But if - as I did today - I improve on the number done of each I feel a warm glow which is an achievement rather than impending death.

To then later go for a walk could be the icing on the cake.  But due to humidity my walks have become shorter.

The Lifeboat zooming off out to sea.  Practise days are on a Thursday so hope there was no one in any danger today.

The Gull Gang were out in force.

Until these guys turned up.

Up and away.  Meanwhile at the other end of the beach it was sorting feathers, admiring oneself in the water reflection.

Back home and down the shedudio.  Sith cat soaks up the sun.

I do more cards

And finish off a couple more of the small canvases.

As far as NEOS is concerned I am doing no more.  Any more painting will be for my enjoyment.  Enough.  

The gardeners came today and gave us a short back and sides.  They have promised in 2 weeks they will be back in the morning so as not to prevent any of my visitors getting on the drive.  My car is booked in the garage for its service and MOT during NEOS week.  When I wont be needing it.  Now all we have to do is cut back the herbiage along the path where visitors will traverse.  

So bring it on.


Chris Elliot said...

Sounds like you have everything under control. Hope it all goes as planned!

The Weaver of Grass said...

My gardener tells me he will be back in a fortnight to start putting my garden to bed for the winter.