Thursday, 3 August 2017

Pain and pleasure.

I still have this odd pain, when I get up out of bed in the morning,  left groin area, shooting pain when I use the left leg.  But one paracetamol and moving about it goes. God knows.  I  should have done the pulmonary physio exercises today but didn't.

After lunch the DP and I hit the Prom.  The weather forecast was a YELLOW WARNING of heavy rain but as we couldn't see any off we went.

As you can see from this photograph there were some threatening black clouds up there.

So good to see the Gull Gang.

Young ones feathering up.

Back home.


Teal Acrylic ink added.  Still not there with this one.

This is Bronze Fennel and seeds.  Pleasure in doing this was the lovely smell!  Where I go from here I know not but am so enjoying playing.  I am steadily ruining my clothes, well not really, so far everything has washed out !  Although I have to use nail varnish remover to get the ink and gesso off my nails.

The DP has been bringing home lots of feathers.  I am having so much fun .  I need to go see  my framer friend and see how we can best display these .  Hoping he tells me its going to give me pleasure and not pain.

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Edwina said...

Interesting, the fennel picture. And great shots of the sky and the sea. Looked a good day for a walk.